Go on. Call Champion Fiberglass a lightweight.

Download Comparison Chart

Champion Fiberglass conduit won’t be outclassed when it comes to offering the best lightweight-yet-strong solution on the market. Download our infographic comparing Champion Fiberglass to other in-market materials – Champion Fiberglass conduit consistently offers a lower weight, without sacrificing on other benefits such as:

  • Support distance spans comparable to GRC and PVC-coated steel
  • Low burn through and low coefficient of friction
  • Consistently lower installation rates according to the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)


Download our updated Product Comparison Chart to see how Champion Fiberglass conduit comes out ahead of other conduit options.



This is just one of the many ways Champion Fiberglass outmatches the competition. Contact us to hear more about the benefits associated with Champion Fiberglass conduit.