Put down that heavy conduit. Pick up the savings.

Download NECA Labor Rates

Champion Fiberglass – efficiency, strength, and savings, all in one lightweight package. For example: When installing 100-foot lengths of 3" conduit, Champion Fiberglass conduit installation takes:

  • 2.5 hours less than PVC SCH 40
  • 4.5 hours less than PVC SCH 80 and aluminum
  • 12.5 hours less than galvanized rigid steel
  • 18.5 hours less than PVC-coated steel

For 20' straight lengths of Champion Fiberglass conduit, listed NECA labor units can be reduced by 10 percent.


Try the Champion Fiberglass Conduit Calculator to compare material and installation costs for RTRC vs. aluminum, PVC-coated steel, GRC, and stainless steel conduit.



Ready to put down the heavy conduit and pick up the savings that come with Champion Fiberglass? Contact us for more information.