Always a Power Play - Champion Fiberglass conduit for strength and savings

Champion Fiberglass puts strength, speed, and savings on your side.

Compare Champion Fiberglass conduit to GRC and PVC-coated steel. They’re all tough, but only Champion matches that toughness with the agility needed to provide benefits across industries and the innovation that powers modern build-outs. When you spec projects, you want a teammate that’s bold enough to charge the goal, but smart, light, and strong enough to win the long game. And when the game is “Savings,” Champion should be your first draft.



A lightweight product that stands up to the competition

Champion Fiberglass Conduit Vs. PVC-Coated Steel

There are more than twenty-one reasons to get a Champion on your side, but this white paper brings you the facts on the many advantages reinforced thermosetting resin conduit (RTRC) has over PVC-coated steel. It’s a little light reading that could bring you heavy savings.

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A champion across industries


See how Champion Fiberglass worked with the San Jacinto River Authority to protect conductors against a highly corrosive environment – at a cost that was 71% lower than the original project specifications calling for PVC- coated aluminum rigid conduit.

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Rigid-yet-lightweight Haz Duct XW Champion Fiberglass Conduit withstands heat, saves money on installation, and features a low coefficient of friction.

See how this non-metallic solution contributes to chemical plant safety.

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Champion Fiberglass provided Intrepid Potash with a lightweight solution that was able to stand up to a high-moisture environment.

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Waste Water Treatment

Champion Fiberglass is engineered to stand up to some of the most caustic environments. From easy installation to a long product lifetime, the benefits to waste water treatment plants are numerous.

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Champion Duct

Champion Duct Fiberglass Conduit

Weighs up to 15x less than PVC-coated steel.

Less expensive installation costs.

Versatile and corrosion-resistant.

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Champion Haz Duct

Champion Haz Duct XW Fiberglass Conduit

NEC approved for Class 1, Div 2 installations.

CEC-approved for Zone-1, Div-2 installations.

Non-metallic and flame-resistant for hazardous industrial environments.

Perfect for high-impact areas; "bullet-resistant.”

Lighter and more corrosion-resistant than PVC-coated steel.

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