Not Just Tough. Champion Fiberglass Conduit Tough.

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Since 1988, when Champion Fiberglass opened its doors, engineers have increasingly been specifying Champion Fiberglass conduit. They've realized how this product's many benefits lead to long-lasting results and savings. Compare the benefits for yourself, including:

  • Low starting cost, lower installation times, and lower overall costs
  • Superior corrosion resistance and shape retention
  • Safety, lighter weight, and lower materials toxicity
  • Decreases burn through when pulling cable


Download our chart, and make your own critical comparison on these crucial factors and more. 


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For 30 years, Champion Fiberglass has been challenging the status quo – recently, the company was honored by NEMA with the 2017 Business Innovation Council (BIC) Illuminations Award. Each year, the award honors a member company that has demonstrated success through entrepreneurial growth, advanced technology, or pioneered innovation.